Jill Stuart at The big apple Fashion Week Fall 2013

We’re incredibly anxious to see what the Jill Stuart label will bring at the New York Fashion Week fall 2013 edition. Not to say that the other designers aren’t as important, but Jill Stuart is one designer that is close to our hearts as it brings a multitude of feminine designs into the spotlight every single time.

Adored by fashionistas and well established fashion icons alike, Jill Stuart has quickly gained an important influence in the industry, being a regular presence at the New York Fashion Week. With each New York Fashion Week presence, the label has evolved and gained even more appreciation and acceptance. There were certainly various hits along the years, however there are some that are particularly fresh in our mind.

Who can forget the magnificent Jill Stuart spring 2012 collection looks or the fabulous spring 2012 shoes– And don’t even get us started on the uber romantic set of alternatives we’ve seen not long ago in the Jill Stuart resort 2013 collection. All of these offerings were complemented by amazing beauty options that proved nothing short of amazing. Are you starting to understand why we are so excited to see what the fall 2013 offerings at the New York Fashion Week will be-

Though the past is usually a pretty good predictor of the future, in creative areas like fashion such principles can rarely be properly applied and then, the probability for errors is quite high, so only the upcoming Jill Stuart fall 2013 ready-to-wear show from New York Fashion Week 2013 will shed light on the label’s hottest offerings.

The show is scheduled on Saturday, February 9, starting with 11 AM. This is when the New Jill Stuart offerings will steal the spotlight on stage. Look through the brand’s hottest offerings at jillstuart.com if you need your fashion fix until then, however, don’t forget to check back to see the fall 2013 hottest looks!

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