Facebook Rejected A Woman’s Weight Loss Image

Marilyn Mckenna 1A photo of Marilyn Mckenna who lives in the State of Washington posted her ideal body image in Facebook. Mckenna posted picture that she put her both legs inside her old big pants on its one piece of leg. She wanted to inspire her friends and be motivated on her great weight loss. She wants to celebrate because she lost a total of 100 pounds but she did not please everybody, somebody cut her happiness.

Someone reported that her photo has violated the Facebook site’s policy. Mckenna has the intention to post her picture because she wants to show her ideal body appearance.

Marilyn MckennaMckenna photo have most like and exceed the amounts of viewers and considered it as an advertisement by King 5.

King 5 is the representative of Facebook, the official spokesperson who stated that Facebook has some terms and condition. He said that it requires a limitation of viewers and that only 18 years old and above can view some adults and weight loss products.

Mckenna informed Facebook that she is not promoting or endorsing any product. She is not selling anything either. Her blogs, her video, or even her photos, are all free and are not selling anything. Therefore, she did not violate anything.